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How it All Began
Jayasri Sweets is a well reputed business in the DC Metro Area which runs as a family business overseen by Mrs. Jayasri. Her hobby & passion of cooking sweets for family & friend’s events was how it all began. With the encouragement of her friends, it soon expanded and turned into a business serving the Fairfax County region in early 2000’s. The new store-front location in Reston was established in  2012 serving a much larger audience. We now readily provide fresh sweets and snacks made on a daily basis.
What Makes Us Special
Starting out with her specialty, Kaja, each of the sweets offered at Jayasri Sweets have been perfected by Mrs. Jayasri with her special ingredients and making process. This gives a special touch to every sweet. All the key ingredients, especially the ghee & yogurt, are made in-house which brings the unique taste and a lasting freshness. Every sweet is handmade under specific direction of Mrs. Jayasri.
Today, we are here to provide you with fresh authentic Indian sweets & snacks perfect for all occasions. As we are starting to ship throughout the US, we are continually expanding to provide to everyone.
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