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Large Sweet Box

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Product Details

Large gift box of our most popular sweets. Perfect gift for any special occasion to your loved ones.

Each box comes with 16 sweets: Kaja (4x), Laddu (4x), Cova Peda (4x)

Based on availability: Cova Kajjakaya/Sunnunda (2x), Coconut/Rava Laddu (2x)

Please specify any preferences in the special request section.

Note: If you would like more of Cova Kajjakaya/Sunnunda/Mix Nut Laddu in the assortment, please add below items to the cart for the number of sweets you would like to replace:

No additional shipping or handling charges!

Disclaimer: Prices of all shipping bundles include cost of the products, packaging materials, discounted shipping & handling.

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