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Sweet Package 7

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Product Details

Sweet package with 8 small boxes. Each box can have any one of (Kaja/Laddu/Musurpak/Peda/Coconut Laddu/Rava Laddu). Specify your sweet preferences for each box in the section above.

Default Package:

8 Small (5 Pc): 2 box Kaja, 2 box Boondi Laddu, 2 box Peda, 2 box Mysurpak

Note: To add Special sweets (Cova Kajjikaya, Sunnunda or Mix Nut Laddu) at an additional cost, select quantity in replacement sweet item:

No additional shipping or handling charges!

Disclaimer: Prices of all shipping bundles include cost of the products, packaging materials, discounted shipping & handling.

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